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Needle Felting Supplies

This is everything you need to get started! The foam mats are perfect for dimensional objects like the birds. The 4 packs of needles are great for all of your projects and the star needles do faster, easier felting.

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Needle felting starter kit, click for larger picture

- Needle felting starter kit $11, includes foam mat and felting needle assortment 4 pack 1-36 gauge, 2-38 gauge, 1-40 gauge


Felting needle 38 guage star point 3 pack - Felting needle 38 gauge Star Point 3 pack $6.50.

Felting needle asst 4 pack

- Felting Needle Assortment 4 pack $6.50 comes with 1 - 36 gauge, 2 - 38 gauge, 1 - 40 gauge.

Call or email to order. Shipping averages about $5-7 plus $2 shipping and handling fee.